• Welcome to the 2018-19 school year in the Cleveland School District! 
    We are so excited to welcome our students, staff, parents and community back for another great year and look forward to all possibilities that come with each new year. 
    We also welcome four new administrators to our leadership team who will enhance our commitment to produce students equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful citizens. 
    Ensuing the safety of our students and staff is one of our most important goals and we will continue to work to strengthen our security measures. 

    In our effort to improve outcomes for children: 
    1. We are piloting Pre-K3 class at Hayes Cooper Center
    2. We were selected by MDE to participate in the Teacher Leadership and High Quality Instructional Materials Pilot Programs. 
    3. We have a Dyslexia Therapist on staff and have trained four additional teachers in Orton-Grillingham method for teaching students with Dyslexia and various other reading disabilities. This training will continue throughout the school year. 
    4. We have great teachers who spend hours planning and creating research-based lessons and activities that actively engage our students in the learning process. 
    5. We have enhanced our course offerings at the high school and middle school. 
    6. We have enhanced our website to make it more user friendly and will continue to post events and activities on our calendar. We have also posted resources that you can use to assist your child at home. 

    Parental involvement is essential if we are to accomplish our vision to educate and empower all students to excel. We urge you to become an active member of your school PTA, PSTA or Booster Club. 




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