• Vision 

    To provide a quality education to every child, every day in order to develop a community of lifelong learners who are productive citizens.


    To empower every child to learn, inspire, and grow each and every day.


    • We believe students learn best when engaged in student centered learning focused on the MS-CCRS.
    • Every individual deserves an environment that is safe and nurturing in order to improve and learn new skills.
    • Every individual is unique and deserves respect.
    • The school environment should foster a positive relationship between students, parents, teachers and the community.
    • Every individual deserves the opportunity to be a healthy, productive and active member of our society.
    • We believe students should demonstrate appropriate personal, interpersonal, and competent skills and behaviors. 

    Goals & Objectives

    Goal 1:  Bell Academy will recruit and retain highly qualified educators, and provide them with professional development that promotes educators as lifelong learners.

    Goal 2:  Bell Academy will develop and maintain a rigorous curriculum and assessment system and use technology reflective of the state framework and assessment system.

    Goal 3:  All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe and promote respect for diversity.

    Goal 4:  Bell Academy will foster collaborative relationships with parents, community, and local businesses to ensure that each student is achieving maximum potential. 

    About The School   

    Bell Academy has selected Math, Science, and Health Education as the theme to best fulfill the purposes of the Magnet Schools Assistance Program.  Health Education is a multidisciplinary field built upon solid knowledge and skill in science, mathematics, technology, and communication. According to the World Health Organization, Health Education can be described as "comprising consciously constructed opportunities for learning involving some form of communication designed to improve health literacy, including improving knowledge and developing life skills which are conductive to individual and community health.

    Program Overview

    The goal of the school-wide Math, Science, and Health Education magnet program is for all students to master rigorous academic standards, use critical thinking and problem solving skills, and develop technological and collaborative skills required to compete in the 21st century. Student will be provided enriched, engaging environments integrating research-based programs in reading, mathematics, science, and all other subjects supported by innovative technology and authentic project and problem-based learning. Through the development of an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, the magnet theme will provide the real world context to motivate students to master academic content standards.