• Foundations to Algebra                                             Contact Information

    Course Syllabus                                                             Building B: (662)- 843-2460

    2017– 2018 School Year                                               Building A: (662) 843-2450

    Keiya Brown, Teacher                                                   E-Mail: kbrown2@cleveland.k12.ms.us

    Cleveland Central High School                                      District Website: www.cleveland.k12.ms.us



    Class Schedule & Times                                                         Lunch Schedule:

    1st block (7:50-9:30)  - Foundations                                          1st Lunch-     11:18-11:43

    2nd block (9:34-11:14)- Planning                                               2nd Lunch-      12:08-12:33

    3rd block (11:18-1:28)- Foundations                                          3rd Lunch-    1:03-1:28

    4th block (1:32-3:12)  - Foundations



    You will not be able to enter my classroom if you are in violation of the dress code, have a visible cell phone, have ear-buds in sight, or if you do not have the appropriate supplies for class!!


    1. Attend all classes and be punctual in attendance
    2. Come to class prepared and have appropriate working materials/supplies
    3. Be respectful of all individuals and property
    4. Refrain from profane or inflammatory statements
    5. Conduct him/herself in a safe and responsible manner
    6. Be responsible for his/her work and behavior
    7. Abide by the rules and regulations of the school/the handbook and each classroom teacher


    Class Expectations and Policies

    When entering the room, QUICKLY take care of the following:


    • Use bathroom, if needed (be back before the bell ring)
    • Sharpen pencils, if needed
    • Report to assigned seat, either following current seating chart OR where I put you


    During class, the following guidelines are to be followed:


    • If you have a question, raise your hand and wait for me to call on you. Do not blurt out for any reason.
    • Wait until the END of the lesson to go to the garbage can.
    • If you need a tissue, please get one discreetly. Do not create a disturbance!!
    • Do NOT write on your desk or your calculator!!! Do not misuse or destroy the daily supplies.
    • I will expect you to show ALL work and/or give an explanation as to how you determined your answer on ALL ASSIGNMENTS. If you do NOT show work and/or give an explanation, you will receive no points for that problem, even if the answer is correct. This is done in an effort to help you determine where you are making mistakes – if there is no work, I cannot help you find why you missed the problem.
    • Please make sure you go to the restroom before class!! You will not be able to leave once the bell rings!!


    When the bell rings, THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN LEAVE!! I will dismiss you!!

    • Make sure you have all of your belongings before you leave – things left in my room will be turned in to the lost and found in the office or thrown away.
    • Make sure that your calculator is back in the correct place.
    • Do NOT leave paper/trash on, in, near, under, or around your desk. Clean up your area!








    General Information

    • Late arriving students must report to the office upon their arrival. Students will not be allowed in the classroom without a pass after the tardy bell rings at 7:50 a.m.
    • No food/drinks will be allowed to leave the cafeteria for any reason.


    Class Assignments and Grading

    According to Cleveland Central High School Policy, the following grading scale will be used to determine your grades:


    A = 90 - 100                                                   D = 65 - 69

    B = 80 - 89                                                     F = 64 and below

    C = 70 - 79


    Homework Policy

    Completion assignments – Homework will be assigned during class and will be due at the beginning of class the following day. It is very important that you turn in EVERY homework assignment. If you work every problem AND SHOW WORK FOR EVERY PROBLEM, you will receive a 100.  You will only receive credit for problems, which are, completed AND HAVE WORK SHOWN.  If you choose not to complete your homework, you will receive a zero for the assignment that you didn’t complete.


    Accuracy assignments – If a homework assignment is going to be graded for accuracy and you do not turn it in on the scheduled due date, you will have one school day to turn in the late homework. You will only receive 50% of the score that you earned because it is late. If you do not turn in the assignment, you will receive a zero. Completing homework is critical for mastery of the objectives. You learn by practicing.


    Showing Work

    In order for you to be successful in Algebra II and Learning Strategies, I must be able to determine WHY you missed a problem. I can only do this if you show all of your work.   If you choose not to show work, you are choosing not to receive ANY credit for that problem(s), EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE CORRECT ANSWER.  This is the policy for ALL types of assignments, including tests.  Even if you use a method on a graphing calculator, you must write down what you keyed into the calculator. Another means of showing work is that you are able to use words to justify your answers.  If you are asked to explain how you got your answer and you do not go into detail, you will not get credit.

    Make-Up Work Policy (based on the handbook)


    It is essential for you to be at school EVERY DAY and in my class so that I can explain the new concepts to you. However, I realize and understand that you will get sick and you will miss school.



    Calculator Policy


    While in my classroom and on designated days, you will have the privilege of using a calculator. These calculators are NEVER to leave my classroom under any circumstances. They are the property of Cleveland School District and Cleveland Central High School.  Each of you will be assigned a seat and a calculator for you to use during your class period.  I will not allow anyone to leave my classroom until all of the calculators are back in the correct spot.  If you use a calculator to type notes or anything other than computing math problems, you will lose calculator privileges. If any programs are added to the calculator, you will lose calculator privileges and will be written up. If you damage or break a calculator, it is your responsibility to let me know as soon as possible.


    Cellphone Policy


    Cell phones and similar electronic devices are strictly prohibited on school campus during school hours. Students are not allowed to have/use cell phones, beepers, or pagers during school hours. Electronic Devices found in students’ possession shall be taken by staff and turned into the office. The student will be given a receipt of property for the device.


    • 1st offense-The parent will be allowed to pay a fine of $25.00 to get the phone/electronic device back.
    • 2nd offense-The parent will be allowed to pay a fine of $50.00 to get the phone/electronic device back.
    • 3rd offense- The parent will be allowed to pay a fine of $100.00 to get the phone/electronic device back.
    • If the student refuses to turn in the phone, the student will be given two (2) days ISS/OSS and must pay the fine based on the number of offenses.