• For students entering the 9th grade in Fall 2020:

    Please refer to the High School tab for information regarding summer rehearsal dates, financial expectations and forms needed to participate. 

    For upcoming 8th grade band students:

    Beginning this school year, all elementary and middle school band students will be asked to pay a $25 Fairshare fee. This fee will go towards purchasing their band shirt and classroom supplies. 

    If a student is playing on a school-owned instrument, they will be asked to pay a $50 Rental fee. This fee will go towards covering the general wear and tear and any outstanding maintenance for school-owned instruments. Instruments include tuba, sousaphone, marching baritone, concert baritone, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, Bari saxophone, piccolo, all percussion, and any other school owned instruments.

    All fees are due no later than Oct. 16

    Band fees can be paid with cash, check, or money order made payable to Cleveland Central Band Booster Club. Payment must be submitted in a sealed envelope with your student’s name, what the payment is for and date of submissionInability to meet financial responsibilities will result in dismissal from the program at the semester change.

    So dust off those cases and warm up those faces... we can't wait to be back in front of you and making beautiful music!