• Hybrid & Virtual Bell Schedules

    • All virtual students will follow the Virtual Bell Schedule. Please log in by the start time for each class period.
    • All hybrid students will follow the Hybrid Bell Schedule. Hybrid classes are labeled with H.

    ****Reminder---- If there is a 5th period class on your schedule, we recommend that students complete the 5th period class during the block that is missing. For eaxample if you have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th block class, you will complete the assignments for that 5th block class during 1st block every day.  5th Block classes are MOCA (MDE Online Approved Self-pace Course). There will not be a CCHS teacher assigned to have virtual face to face meetings. For the 2nd semester, all 5th Block course work must be complete by June 25, 2021. The progress of the these 5th period classes will only be recorded in GradeResults and not on a progress report. The final average will be recorded on the report card for 2nd semester.***** 

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  • Virtual/Hybrid/MOCA Classes and Teachers

    English Department

    • Ms. Rush- English I
    • Mrs. Cannon- Comp. English/English II
    • Mrs. Sanders- English III (hybrid)
    • Mrs. Stanford- English IV-(hybrid)

    Math Department

    • Mrs. Bristlin- Comp. Math I/Foundations of Algebra (hybrid)
    • Ms. Szot- Comp. Math II/Algebra I
    • Mrs. Wiggs- Algebra III (hybrid)
    • Mr. Williams- Algebra II and Geometry (hybrid)
    • Mr. Marsden- Algebra III (hybrid)

    Science Department

    • Mrs. Holland- Foundation of Biology
    • Mrs. Collins- Learning Strategies Science/Biology I
    • Mrs. Holcomb-Physical Science
    • Ms. Kandies- Botany/Environmental Science (hybrid)  Zoology I/Zoology II (hybrid)
    • Mrs. Smith-Black- Human A&P (hybrid)
    • Mrs. McIntosh- Chemistry (hybrid)

    History Department

    • Mrs. Kitching- World History
    • Coach Defillips- Learning Strategies Socail Studies/U.S.History (hybrid)
    • Coach McLemore-MS Studies/World Geography
    • Mr. Brock-US Gov/Economics (online and hybrid)

    Elective Department

    • Mrs. Becerril- Spanish I
    • Ms. Lee- Spanish II
    • Mrs. Byrd- Art (hybrid)

    MOCA/5th Block (no teacher self-paced class)

    • Physical Education
    • Health
    • African American History
    • Psychology/Sociology