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Technology Department

Cleveland School District

Technology Department

 The CSD Technology department is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the district's network and wireless infrastructure.

Computer Techs have been placed across the district to manage school networks and provide technical assistance for each school's equipment.  Management Information Systems handles the implementation of Sam, MSIS, and other district-wide systems that handle sensitive data.  Computer Techs handle issues involving Wi-Fi, district-owned computer hardware, network log-on issues, and issues within the Windows OS and district-wide system software (such as those mentioned above).  Support for district-owned Apple/Mac devices is also available.

As technology advances, the CSD Technology Department will be there to meet these challenges in an ongoing effort to meet the requirements of the District's Technology Plan.

Please be sure that you notify your tech about any problems you may experience with the computers in your classroom by using our ticket system below. Tech tickets will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Click Here to go to Helpdesk Ticketing System
You can also send Support a ticket by emailing

Denise Mallette, Technology Director
W: 662-843-3529
C: 662-719-8479

Ked Wilson, Technology Technician Specialist
W: 662-843-3529
C: 662-719-0552