School counselors make a world of difference.


    Counselors' Office

    300 West Sunflower Road

    Cleveland, Mississippi 38732

    Phone: (662) 843-2456

    Fax: (662) 545-4314


    Counselor/ areas of responsibility

         Lashundreya Townsend- 9th grade (students with last names ending in A-I) and 10th grade

         Christine Kuykendall- 9th grade (students with last names ending in J-Z) and 11th grade

         Nakita Goins- 12th grade and lead counselor





    The mission of the Cleveland Central High School Counseling Department is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program which develops academics, socialization and personal/career development.  Together with the faculty, staff, administration and community, we will ensure a high-quality learning environment that is data-driven and optimizes the portential of students which will allow them to become self-reliant and productive citizens.




    The school counseling program will focus on the following; achievement, attendance, behavior and/or school safety goals.