• Sponsors:
    Dr. Grisby, Ms. Hill, Mr. Jamison, Mrs. Jamison & Mrs. Wardlow
    All of January 2022
     Grades Serviced:
    4th - 6th Grade, girls and boys
    Cowboys and Cowgirls will participate in physical activity and develop sports knowledge, skills, and sportsmanship through practice and competition.
    The cost will be $20 and will include a full basketball uniform with a reversible jersey and a pair of green shorts.
    • Participants with any discipline problems throughout the school year past the limit that is set by the Student Engagement team will not be eligible.
    • Participants will be required to attend practice in order to participate in games.
    • The games will be scheduled by the Cleveland Park Commission.
    • All games will be held on Saturdays in the month of January.