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Degrees and Certifications:

Certificate in Computers & Counseling, 2007, IGNOU Yoga Teacher Certificate, 2002, GGMYK NBCT- Exceptional Needs Specialist-Early Childhood through Young Adulthood-Mild/Moderate Disabilities (ages 5-21+). MOC 2023 completed. MDE- GENERAL SCIENCES, SOCIAL STUDIES, ECONOMICS, MILD/MOD DISABILITIES, SPED FUNDAMENTAL SUBJECTS, & ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Anji Reddy Nalamalapu, NBCT

Anji Reddy Nalamalapu (Reddy) is a National Board and State Dept. of Education certified Special Educator.  Mr. Reddy is serving students with exceptional needs for over three decades.

Reddy holds a Bachelor of Education degree in special education from MP Bhoj University and a Master of Education degree in special education from Delta State University. Further, he holds a Master of Science Teaching degree in biology from Jackson State University and a Master of Arts degree in history from Acharya Nagarjuna University.

During the weekend, Reddy likes to do research on special education, volunteer for several professional organizations, and listen to the news. He won several national and state-level professional awards in special education.

My family picture: Anita Reddy (Spouse), Rushyendranath Reddy, and Yagna Reddy (Children)

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