• Meet Our Staff:

    Wilburn                                                          McCain                                                     Johnston

    Mandy Wilburn, RN, BSN, NCSN                      Karen McClain, RN                                          Molly Carol Johnston, RN, BSN  
    mandy.wilburn@cleveland.k12.ms.us            Kmcclain@cleveland.k12.ms.us                    Mjohnston@cleveland.k12.ms.us


    • Notice 
    The school nurse's office is not a primary care facility.
    The nurse by law is not allowed to make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment, or administer medication without a Doctor's order. First aid and medical care provided by the school nurse are primarily for illnesses or injuries that occur during the school day.
    Notify your school nurse immediately if your child has a special health concern.

    Shaw Family Medical Clinic 
    SFM offers Primary care, well-child exams, sports physicals, treatment for acute and chronic illness and injuries, behavioral health and referrals, flu shots, immunizations and COVID-19 testing.  They have a CFNP available for each campus during school hours. 
    • Medications
        • Parents are encouraged to schedule medications and/or medical treatments during non-school hours.
        • All medication must be brought into school by a parent or legal guardian.
        • All medication (prescription and non prescription) requires a completed Medication Permission Form.
        • Medication must be in a bottle properly labeled by a pharmacist or for over the counter medication in an unopened sealed bottle with your child's name clearly written on the container.
        • Coronavirus Update:  https://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/resources/14912.pdf
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