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    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Whitney Williams, Ed.S

    3rd Grade Math, Science, Social Studies


    (662) 748- 2734






    Please click on the link below to access weekly information.




    Third Grade State Assessment Dates

    Tuesday, April 16th- Reading(Third Grade Gate)

    Tuesday, April 30th- 3A (Williams' homeroom)- Writing

    Wednesday, May 1st- 3B (Prine's homeroom)- Writing

    Wednesday, May 8th- Math- Part 1

    Thursday, May 9th- Math- Part 2

    Wednesday, May 15th- Third Grade MAAP  Gate Retest (if needed)

    March 18-21

    As we hit the final stretch in the fourth nine weeks, it is important that stuents are present, attentive, and prepared daily as we cover and review final skills for third grade.  We are also in preparation of their first state assessments in April and May.


    Mad Minute for the fourth nine weeks will be DIVISION factsl!


    Math- Review Comparing Fractions

    Discuss Equivalent Fractions

    We will have G2 asssessment on Fractions on Friday March 21st.

    (Continued skill from before spring break)

    Identifying Fractions

    Fractions on a Number Line

    Comparing Fractions

    Equivalent Fractions


    Each week we will review a skill previously taught to refresh student memory of the objective. 

    Review Skill for this week: Rounding


    Science- Forces






    January 14-18



    January 8th 2019

    Welcome Back!  This week we will be completing our Middle fo the Year Screeners

    for iReady in each subject.  Students will work on Multiplication Facts. 

    Reminder- 3rd Nine Weeks Mad Minutes- Multiplication

    We will begin Topic 7- Meanings of Division

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    Math Exam- December 17th- Will be benchmark exam on all topics covered.

    Science Exam-  Students are completing Fossil Project in Science Lab and will write about their fossil.  Graded Project

    Social Studies Exam-  Students will research how Christmas is celebrated in assigned country IN CLASS and create a brochure.

    December 3-7

    November 26-30

    November 12-16

    November 5-9

    October 29- November 2

    Topic 5 Vocabulary

    October 15-18

    Multiplication Flash Cards

    October 8-12

    Topic 4 Vocabulary

    October 1-5

    September 24-28

    September 17-21

    Topic 3 Math Vocabulary

    September 10-14

    September 3-7

    August 27-31

    Topic 2 Math  Vocabulary

    August 20-24

    August 13-17

    Topic 1 Math  Vocabulary

    (Students have these in their notebooks)

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    To Access Math Homework:

    The math website is www.pearsonrealize.com

    Enter student username and password

    Click on Programs, then the textbook

    Click Topic (Whatever topic we are covering)

    Click Lesson (Whatever Lesson we are covering)

    The Homework is listed as "Reteaching" and "Practice"


    To Print 3 Digit Addition Practice Sheets (Mad Minute)

    Website: www.math-aids.com

    In the left corner click "addition"

    On the screen (about 6 rows down in the middle) click "2,3,4 Digit Worksheets 2,3,4 addends"

    Number of digits Click 3 digits

    Number of Addends- Click 2 addends

    Number of problems- Click desired number of problems…

    (we do 30 but if you are practicing nightly do 15 just to build fluency.  15 should answered in about 3 ½ min.

    Click Create It!

    After the sheet comes up and you print, press the “back” arrow and then click on Create It! again so that it can generate a new sheet.  Do this as many times as you want to create multiple sheets to practice. :)


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    Text @hcc320

    to the number






    1st- 3rd Nine Weeks Challenge Criteria


    Honor Roll (A's and B's in ALL subjects)

    85% or higher on Math Mad Minutes

    Meet AR Point Goal

    85% or higher AR Comprehension Rate

    Zero Office Referrals or Detentions

    Students must meet ALL requirements in order to attend the Nine Weeks Challenge

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    Monday- Thursday- Uniform Options

    Tops- Red, White, or Navy Blue (Must have collar)

    Bottoms- Navy Blue, Khaki, Plaid

    Jackets/Sweaters- Red, White, or Blue (to be worn INSIDE) 

    No resrtictions on Jackets for OUTSIDE USE

    Shoes- Any sandal worn must have back strap.  

    FRIDAY DRESS POLICY…. Students may wear PLAIN jeans or shorts with a HCC or CSD shirt (aka Wolves).  Please no cheerleading outfits.      





  • Prine

    3rd Grade Reading and Language Arts

    April 16th is the state Reading test!! 

    Parents, please send earbuds for students that do not have working ones.  It is very important that they be able to hear instructions for iReady!!! Thank you. We still have many students that do not have earbuds.  Please send if you are able. 

    March 18

    Reading-  The Journey: Stories of Migration (2 weeks)

    vocab.-survival, migrate, plenty, frightening, accidents, solid, chilly, landscape, thunderous, dramatic

    Vocabulary Workshop- Unit 13 

    arch, authentic, clarify, declare, grant, grave, modest, opponent, valid, yearn

    Spelling- cities, cried, puppis, hurried, stories, flies, parities, tried, pennies, fried, carried, babies, spied, ponies

    March 4th 

    Reading -"Two Bad Ants"- Story Structure

    Vocab.- scout, narrow, glassy, surrounded, violently, underground, liquid, soggy, puzzling, unaware

    Vocabulary Workshop- We will review units 7-12.  We will work on these in class.

    Spelling - coming, swimming, dropping, tapping, taping, invited, saving, stared, planned, changing, joking, loved, gripped, tasted

    Feb. 25

    Reading- Life on Ice (We will stay on this story for 2 weeks)

    Vocab.- shelter, layer, region, unexpected, constant, gliding, overheated, climate, wilderness

    Lang.- Parents, help students write an informational paper(5 paragraphs) on an animal from the Arctic or Antarctica(We will do research Monday to choose their animal) .  Look for the writing rubric in their homework folders to help.   Introductory parag., 3 main points, and a conclusion parag.


    Vocabulary Workshop- audible, consume, glide, origin, prevent, punctuate, representative, scorn, stout, woe

    Please practice cursive and fluency reading.  One minute and 130 words.

    Reading- Dogzilla

    Vocab.  -scientific, ancient, mysterious, within, emergency, immediately, fiery, horrifying, prehistoric, panicking

    Spelling Words- mood, wooden, drew, smooth, blue, balloon, true, crooked, chew, tooth, hooves, cool, food, pooch

    Four dictation sentences this week.

    Vocab. Workshop unit 11- same words as last week.  Complete the sentence on Tues.

    Practice cursive!!! Letters m,n,o, f, w,v, and b are giving us some difficulty.  Thanks for your help!.

    Reading-"A Tree Is Growing"

    Vocab. passages, spines, tropical, store, throughout, absorb, dissolve, clumps, coverings, pollen

    Spelling Words- Shark, squeeze, check, quart, queen, squeak, circus, quick, flake, coldest, crack, Africa, Mexico

    There will be 4 dictation sentences for spelling this week. 

    Vocabulary Workshop- Unit 11- Syn/Ant quiz Thurs. 

    approach, approve, glory, magnificent, meek, prompt, revive, tradition, watchful, wreckage

    Practice, practice, practice cursive.  Students are having difficulty with spacing.  Please practice at home! Thank you.

    PARENTS!!!!  Because of science fair and short week, we will not have reading comprehension or reading vocabulary tomorrow.  We will stay on this story for two weeks.

    Syn/ant quiz, spelling test, Shurley English test tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 25.

    Reading- "The Albertosaurus Mystery"

    Reading Skill- Conclusions

    Vocab. buried, location, remains, clues, skeletons, evidence, fossils, prove, fierce, uncovering(Test Friday)

    Spelling Words (Dictation sentences until the end of school) Spelling test Thursday

    age, space, change, jawbone, jacket, giant, pencil, circle, once, large, dance, jeans, bounce, huge

    Vocab. Workshop(Syn/Ant- Friday) Unit 10

    actual, brink, chill, conquer, fortunate, fury, intend, pattern, vibrant, wit

    Reading fluency words per minute is 130 this nine weeks.  Please practice at home.  Also, students need to make sure they are reading and studying for tests. (Hint:  You can always search on the internet for practice quizzes.)


    Class Spelling Bee Friday!!! Study the handout I gave! 

    Welcome back!  I hope you had a fantastic break.  Just a reminder, that this semester, you must write and turn everything in cursive to me.

    Sentence dictation and spelling tests will be completed in both print and cursive until further notice.


    Reading -" A Mr. Rubbish Mood"

    Vocab.- recycle, project, dripping, carton, complicated, global, rubbish, hardly, shade, pollution. Test next Friday.

    Spelling Words(Dictation will begin with this list)- air, wear, chair, stairs, bare, bear, hair, care, pear, pair, share, near, ear, beard. Test next Friday. (See edited Spelling Choice Homework handout)

    Vocab. Workshop Unit 9- ability, avoid, bashful, brief, compete, consider, delightful, honor, reflex, remark. Syn./Ant. test Friday. 



    Language Arts exam is Monday, Dec. 17.  Study Guide sent home.

    Reading Exam is Tuesday, Dec. 18.  Reading passages and answering questions about those passages.  ReadWorks.com is a great resource.

    Parties will  be Thursday, Dec. 20th!  Nothing will be planned on Friday!!  Have a fantastic holiday!


    There will be no reading story or vocabulary this week.  We will be reading passages and answering questions about that passage.  We are preparing for our exams next week.  On our reading exam, we will read a passage and answer questions from the skills we have learned this semester.

    NO SPELLING this week.

    Vocabulary Workshop unit 8 is the same.  Complete the Sentence on Thursday and Unit 8 test is Friday.

    Shurley English Chapter 9

    We are working hard on using quotation marks.  Please practice at home. 

    Our Language exam will cover Shurley English skills


    Reading- The Extra-Good Sunday

    Comp. and Vocab Test Fri.

    Vocab.- anxiously, degrees, tense, ingredients, recommended, remarked, festive, cross

    Spelling- Test Thurs.

    nurse, work, shirt, hurt, first, word, serve, curly, dirt, third, worry, turn, stir, firm 

    Vocab. Workshop- Unit 8- Syn/ Ant quiz Thurs. 

    ancient, climate, cling, custom, decay, disturb, expose, perform, remote, timid

    Shurley English- Ch. 9 

    Helping verbs, main verb, verb phrases,  interrogative sentences, natural and inverted word order, and kinds of sentences


    Reading- Aero and Officer Mike

    Comp. and vocab. test Fri.

    Vocab. lying, loyal, partners, shift, quiver, patrol, ability, snap

    Spelling- test Thursday

    horse, mark, storm, market, acorn, artist, March, north, barking, stock, thorn, forest, chore, restore

    Vocab. Workshop- Unit 7 

    Complete the Sentence-Thursday Unit test - Friday

    accuse, clever, coast, delicate, explore, imitate, pierce, rare, symbol, triumph


    No Shurley English this week.  We will be working on our narrative writing pieces.  Most work will be done in class, but parents are encouraged to look at writing and help edit papers.  Final draft will be due Friday. 


    Reading- Yonder Mountain Test Friday


    peak, examined, fondly, steep, rugged, pausing, mist, pleaded

    Spelling -Test Thursday

    I'd, he's haven't, doesn't, let's there's, wouldn't, what's, she's, aren't, hasn't , couldn't , he'd, they're

    Vocabulary Workshop- unit 7 Syn/Ant quiz Thursday

    accuse clever coast delicate, explore, imitate, pierce, rare, symbol, triumph

    Shurley English test Tuesday

    Nov. 16 - Progress Reports



    Reading- The Science Fair- Test Friday

    Skills Story Structure

    Vocab.- Test Friday

    report presentation erupt creative educational certificate impressive charts

    Spelling- Test Thursday

    hole whole its it's hear here won one our hour their there fur fir

    Shurley English

    Conjunctions, Different kinds of sentences(Simple, compound subject, compound verb, joining 2 sentences to make 1 sentence), Clauses

    Vocabulary Workshop will be reviewing units 1-6 this week in class.


    Dress Out Day Wednesday $1

    Reading- Jump

    Skills - Fact and Opinion/Questioning

    Vocab. -championship, power, professional, athlete, rooting, court, competitor, entire(Fri.)

    Spelling Words (Test Thursday)

    joy, point, voice, join, oil, coin, noise, spoil, toy, joint, boy, soil, choice, boil

    Vocab. Workshop

    Unit 6 Same as last week. Complete the Sentence (Thursday)

    Unit test Friday

    Shurley English- Same as last week. Fact /Opinion


    Reading- Young Thomas Edison

    Skills - Main Ideas and details, summary

    Vocab- signal, genius, gadget, invention, laboratory, experiments, occasional-Test Fri.

    Spelling Words-Test Thursday

    talk, cross, awful, law, cloth, cost, crawl, chalk, also, raw, wall, lawn, always, salt

    Shurley English-

    Conjunctions, compound subjects and verbs

    Vocabulary Workshop - Syn/Ant. quiz Thursday

    border, certain, clasp, fierce, observe, treasure, wisdom, depart, journey, superb







    Kamishibai Man- Test Thursday- Cause and Effect

    Reading Vocab. -Test Thursday

    familiar, jerky, vacant, rickety, blurry, rude, blasted, applesauce

    Spelling Words -Test Thursday

    clown, round, bow, cloud, power, crown, thousand, crowd, sound, count, powder, blouse, frown, pound

    Vocab. Workshop words are the same as last week. Unit 5

    Shurley English

    Classifying sent. fact/opinion, true/false

    NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!   Fall Break!


    The Harvest Birds- Test Friday

    Reading Vocab.-Test Friday

    harvest, separate, ashamed, borders, advice, borrow, patch, serious

    Spelling Words- Test Thursday

    itch, wreck, knee, patch, wrap, knot, watch, knife, stretch, write, knew, knock, match, wrong

    Vocab. Workshop- Unit 5 Syn/Ant quiz Friday. 

    atmosphere,brilliant, convince, endure, glance, harsh, plunge, precious, swift, unite

    Shurley English- Ch. 5 pronouns Test Thursday





    What Do Illustrators Do?- Test Friday

    Reading Vocab. Test Friday

    tools, sketches, scribbles, research, texture, imagine, illustrate, tracing

    Spelling Words- Test Thursday

    three, scrap, street, spring, thrill, scream, strange, throw, string, scrape, spray, threw, strong, scratch

    Vocabulary Workshop- Complete the Sentence- Thursday Unit 4 test Friday

    capture, coward, exclaim, gloomy, shatter, insist, passage, restless, shallow, talent

    Vocabularyworkshop.com- Green level Unit 4


    Shurley English- Chapter 5 Classifying sentences, Pronouns


    We will be testing in IReady this week.  There will be no reading vocab. or spelling this week.  After completed testing on IReady, we will use a reading passage with skills already covered. 

    Vocab. Workshop words are the same as last week.  We will have Complete the Sentence Thursday and a Unit 3 test Friday.

    Shurley English

    Prepositions and Object of the Prepositions

    Ch.3 Test Wednesday

    Practice Fluent Reading

    Let's also speak to our students about being safe, respectful, and responsible while at school.  We are stopping instruction many times to pull pins and write notes home.  Thank you! 


    "Pop's Bridge" Test Mon.

    Spelling Words(test Thurs.)

    slight, mild, sight, pie, mind, tie, pilot, might, lie, tight, blind, fight, die, midnight

    Reading Vocab. "Roberto Clemente"(Test Fri.)

    stands, score, fans, league, slammed, pronounced, style, polish

    Vocab. Workshop (unit 3 green level) Syn/ant Fri.

    active, bargain, gasp, loyal, resource, sensitive, struggle, value, vary, wander

    Vocabularyworkshop.com- unit words with interactive games and activities to help practice. 

    Don't forget to practice fluent reading!  We read to understand, know when to make our voice rise or fall, and read with expression. 




    Spelling Words(Test Fri. because of holiday)

    load, open,told, yellow, soak, shadow, foam, follow, glow, sold, window, coach, almost, throat, cold, most

    Reading Vocab. "Pop's Bridge" (Test Fri.)

    foggy, stretch, crew, balancing, tide, cling, excitement, disappears

    Vocabulary Workshop Words(Unit 2 Test Fri.)

    aim, aware, defeat, drift, mild, pause, refuse, route, ruin, solid

    Shurley English chapter 2 test Thursday

    Have a wonderful Labor Day!




     Spelling Words(HW- Spelling Choice M-W)

    spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone,invite, cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame, life, rule, surprise, these, those

    Spelling Test Thursday

    Reading Vocabulary Words

    convinced, trial, guilty, pointed, honest, murmur, stand, jury

    Reading Test "The Trial of Cardigan Jones"  Friday

     Vocabulary Workshop words are the same as last week.  Study Syn./Ant. Test Tues.  Complete the sentence is Thursday. Unit test on Friday.


    Shurley English Test on Thursday. Ch. 1