• C. Dancer Sparks


    We will begin Topic 12, "Area" and cover Lessons 1-3. 

    Lesson 1- Area of Rectangles

    Lesson 2- Area of Parallelograms and Rhombuses

    Lesson 3- Area of Triangles



    We will begin Chapter 7, "Magnetism."  We will cover Lessons 1-3.

    Lesson 1- What is Magnetism?  (P.209-215)

    Lesson 2- Inside a Magnet (p.218-223)

    Lesson 3- Magnetic Earth (p. 226-231) 


    For study notes, log on PHSchool.com and type in the code cga-4010. Chapter notes will be due on Tuesday, March 26 for a G2 grade.  



    We will begin with Chapter 16, "Southern Europe."  We will cover lessons 1 and 2. 

    Lesson 1- Physical Geography (p.369-371)

    Lesson 2- Greece (p.372-375)