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      Character Education:

    Patriots are:

      P ersistent

      A mbitious

          T rustworthy

       R espectful

        I nnovative

      O rganized

    T olerant

               S elf- Controlled


    January - May Focus:  All Patriot Traits





    At home activities:

    Review letters A - S daily (recognition and sound).

    Review numbers 0 - 10 daily.

    Review all shapes daily (focus on circle, square, and triangle).

    Review all colors daily.

    Review the letters in your child’s name daily.

    Fine Motor skill activities: 

    Allow your child to color and draw with different materials (crayons, markers, and color pencils) - use coloring books or plain typing paper, let your child explain their drawing to you, write your child’s name, learned letters, or numbers with a yellow marker and have them trace it with a pencil, * (Please encourage a pinched grip), have your child water color paint, cut paper or old magazine pictures, and play with play dough (all you need is flour, water, oil, or lemon juice to make your own).

    Reading/Language Activities:

    Read books to your child daily. Identify the parts of a book (front cover, back cover, spine). Indentify the roles of the author and the illustrator. 

    Indentify if the book is fiction or non fiction. 

    Indentify the characters and setting.

    Math Activities:

    Sort items (cereal, toy cars, etc... be creative) sort by color.  Create AB patterns (skittles, fruit loops, toys etc...) Count objects up to 5 - up to ten is even better.

    Internet Activities: 

    YouTube has great resources for learning songs. We use ABC Mouse and Jack Hartmann. If you need indoor recess ideas, move to learn is also a great resource.