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    Announcements for Nov. 1-5, 2021

    2nd sight word test was sent home 10/27.  Test will be Nov. 10th

    Spelling: us sun but fun bus run jump give must put

    Vocabulary: eat give one put small take 

    Reading: A Cupcake Party                 Genre: Fantasy

    Math: Topic 4 -addition and subtraction facts to 12

    Phonics: short Uu words, final clusters, phonogram -ump

    Language: prepositional phrases, synonyms

    SS: Goods and services, wants and needs


    Test schedule: 


    Wednesday: mad minute timed at 4 minutes, adding to ten, G1 doubles quiz

    Thursday: G1 phonics, G1 vocab, G1 math lessons 4,5,6

    Friday: G1 spelling, G2 Reading, G1 prepositional phrases











    Announcements Oct. 25-29



    Halloween Party Friday at 1:45. No Costumes!!


    Spelling words: yes let red ten bed get after sled step read *October


    Words to Know: after draw pictures read was write


    Reading: Dr. Seuss                                           Genre: Biography


    Math: Topic 4-Addition and subtraction facts to 12

    Phonics: Review short e, clusters with s

    Language: singular/plural nouns, antonyms, statements

    SS: Goods and services, wants and needs

    Science: plants



    Test Schedule:

    Wednesday: mad minute, G1 language antonyms

    Thursday: G1 phonics, G1 vocab,G1 math lessons 1,2,3

    Friday: G1 spelling, G2 reading, G1 language singular/plural nouns







    First Grade Announcements October 19-22, 2021 

    Fall Break is Friday, Oct. 15 and Monday, Oct. 18 

    Spelling: on got fox pop not hop block clock her now * Monday 

    Words to Know/ Vocabulary: her now our she today would 

    Reading: A Musical Day 

    Genre: Realistic Fiction 

    Math: Topic 3- Five and Ten Relationships 

    Phonics: Review words with short Oo; Clusters with l; Phonogram -ock 

    Grammar / Language: Statements, Sentence Parts Social Studies: Goods and Services; Wants and Needs 

    Science: Plants 

    Test Schedule

    Monday: NO SCHOOL 


    Wednesday: Mad Mad: timed 5 min. adding to 10, G1 Math lessons 4,

    Thursday: G1 Phonics, G1 Vocabulary, G1 Statement Sentences 

    Friday: G1 Spelling, G2 Reading, G2 Math Topic

    *Please keep lesson and practice pages each week. Save them to practice at 





    Announcements for October 11-14

    Report cards go home Thursday, October 14th

    Spelling: on, got, fox, pop, not, hop, block, clock, her, now

    Words to know: her, now, our, she, today, would

    Reading: A Musical Day (for two weeks)                  Genre: Realistic Fiction

    Math: Topic 3 Five and Ten Relationships

    Review short Oo words, clusters with l, Phonogram -ock

    Grammar: statements, sentence parts

    SS:  My Place in the World             Science: Plants

    Test Schedule:

    Wed: G1 Language-Naming part and action part of a sentence

    No mad minute test--just practice for the timed test on 10/20

    Thursday: G1 Math lessons 1,2,3





    First Grade Announcements October 4-8, 2021 

    *Harvest Carnival- Tuesday, October 5, 5:00- 7:00


    Spelling: in will did sit six big animal how make of * purple

    Words to Know/ Vocabulary: animal how make of some why

    Reading: How Animals Communicate   Genre: Informational Text

     Math: Topic 2 Subtraction; subtracting numbers

    Phonics: Short Ii words; clusters with r; Phonogram -ip

    Grammar / Language: Complete sentences, Adjectives, Verbs, Nouns

    Social Studies: My Place in the World          Science: Plants

    Test Schedule:



     Wednesday:  G1 Subtraction mad minute (This is the LAST untimed test)

    Thursday:   G1 Vocabulary, G1 Phonics, G2 Topic 2 Math

    Friday:  G2 Reading, G1 Spelling, G2 Adjectives

      *Please keep lesson and practice pages each week. Save them to practice at home.

    Email: sherry.tubbs@cleveland.k12.ms.us     ****Please send extra masks in backpacks. Children are needing them regularly. Thanks

    who we are



    Week of September 27th:

    Tuesday:  School pictures

    October 5th: Harvest Festival

    Spelling words: an,bad,can,had,cat,ran,away,call,come,every *second

    Vocabulary words: away, call,come, every,hear,said

    Reading: Jack and the Wolf               Genre: Fable

    Math: Topic 2 subtraction; subtracting numbers

    Phonics: Review words with short Aa, double final consonants and ck: phonogram -ack

    Grammar/language: complete sentences, adjectives, verbs, nouns

    Social studies: My Place in the World         Science: plants


    Test schedule


    Tuesday: G1 math lesson 2-9( fact family)

    Wednesday: G1 subtraction mad minute

    Thursday: G1 Vocabulary, G1 phonics, G1 Math lessons 10,11

    Friday: G2 Reading, G1 spelling, G1 Adjectives



    Week of September 20th:

    Spelling words: up, bug,mud,nut,hug,tub,friend,full,good,hold     Bonus-backpack

    Vocabulary words: friends, full, good, hold, many, pull

    Reading: Gus Takes the Train

    Genre: fantasy

    Math: Topic 2 subtraction: subtracting numbers

    Phonics: words with short Uu, consonants qu, z

    Grammar/language:  Adjectives, verbs, nouns

    Social Studies: My Place in the World                         Science: plants

    Test schedule: 

    Monday: no tests

    Tues.: Please sign and return graded papers in the blue folder

    Wednesday:G1 subtraction mad minute

    Thursday: G1 Vocabulary, G1 Phonics, G1 math 6,7,8

    Friday: G2 Reading, G1 Spelling, G1 adjectives

    *please keep all lessons and practice pages each week.  Save them to practice at home. 






    Week of September 7th-September 17th

    No School Monday!!!!

    Progress reports go home Wednesday.

    We will have the same story for 2 weeks.

    Spelling: yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen, all, does, here, me Bonus: orange 

    Vocabulary: all, does, here, me, my, who (Students should be able to recognize, read, and use these words in a sentence.)

    Reading: Lucia's Neighborhood

    Genre: Informational text

    Math:  Topic 2  Subtraction

    Phonics: Short Ee, Consonants y,w,k,v,j: phonogram-et

    Grammar: Adjectives, verbs

    Social Studies: Rules/Citizenship

    Science: Plants

    Test Schedule:

    Wednesday: 9/8-G1 Math (adding to ten) G1 Verbs

                       9/15 G2 Verbs G1 Subtraction

    Thursday: 9/9- G1 Math 1,2 

                    9/16- G1 Vocabulary, G1 Phonics

    Friday: 9/9- G1 Verbs, G1 Sight words

               9/17 G2 Reading, G1 Spelling                                    Please keep all the lesson and practice pages each week.  Save them to practice at home. 






    Week of:  August 30th

    Spelling: log, dot, top, hot, ox, lot, do, find, funny, sing

    Words to Know/  Vocabulary: do, find, funny, sing, no, they ( students should be able to recognize, read, and use these words in a sentence by the end of the week).


    Reading story: Curious George at School

    Genre: Fantasy

    Math: Numbers 1-10, adding numbers 1-10

    Phonics: Short Oo words, l,x;inflection-s (plural)

    Grammar/ Language: Nouns

    Social Studies: Rules/ Citizenship               Science: Plants

                                            Test Schedule

    No test Monday

    Tuesday: test folders come home

    Wednesday: G1 Math(adding to ten), G1 Math(Math lessons 5-8), Nouns

    Thursday:G1 Vocabulary, G1 Phonics, G2 Nouns

    Friday: G2 Reading, G1 Spelling, G2 Math

    Please keep lesson and practice pages each week.  Save them to practice at home before weekly tests.