March 25-29

    Please remember to put an extra set of clothes in your child's bookbag.

    Thank You!


      Welcome to our Kindergarten Weekly News!


     Unit:  Community Helpers


     Letter Focus:  ck 


    School begins at 7:50  

    Please do not drop off students before 7:30AM.  Thanks!

     Important Classroom Reminders 

    Friday Dress Policy

    Students may wear plain jeans or shorts (of appropriate length) with HCC or a Cleveland School District (aka Wolves) shirt.  Please no cheerleading outfits.  We will offer "fun days" when students will have the opportunity to wear other clothing.  


    • Monday-

    • Tuesday-     
    • Wednesday- 
    • Thursday
    • Friday- BPAC




       Happy Birthday

    •    Snack Schedule

    Please send 24 snacks in individual portions. Thank you! 


    •                       Monday:  Dalaylah                                                       
    •           Tuesday:  Damaria                                         
    •                          Wednesday:  Ethan                                             
    •                   Thursday:  Evelin                                                 
    •                Friday:  Haleya                                        
    • Sight Words
    • Math Subtraction Fluency Facts 
    • were, duck, yes, was, have
    • with, will, sun, did, that
    • do, are, but, out, doll 
    • Math Addition Fluency Facts
    • assessment-February 13
    • We will study these facts instead of weekly sight words. 
    • Our next sight word assessment will be January 17
    • away, does, fish, find, because
    • help, jump, come, funny, tree
    • birthday, make, here, play, my
    • girl, boy, he, she, school
    • said, go, see, car, dog
    • all sight words that have been assessed will be tested for report card-by October 12th
    • as, in, too, at, boat will be assessed - November 1st 
    • house, to, look, it, ball
    • you, up, little, cat, of
    • six, seven, eight, nine, ten
    • I, is, on, and, can, we
    • me, the, a, like, mother, father
    • zero, one, two, three, four, five
    • brown, black, white, pink
    • red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow-Assessment Thursday, August 16


     Sight words will be assessed most Thursdays.  Please review these words with your child each night!  Please check the back of your child’s folder each week to review our words and practice any word not mastered.  My rule is “we look at them and know them.” We don’t try to sound them out.  Please do not remove these sheets from the back of the folder.  Thank you


     Saxon Phonics--Please practice the letter sounds

    Ll, Oo, Gg, Hh, Tt, Pp, Aa, Nn, Mm, Ii, Ss, Ff, Rr, Kk, Bb, Uu, Zz, Cc, Ee, Yy, Dd, Jj, Xx, Ww, Qq, long vowels, ck

     Saxon Reader:  



    composing numbers 11-19





    2-d shapes

    counting numbers 15-20



    position words

    numbers 1-5

    more, fewer, same as


    numbers 6-10

    comparing numbers



     Fourth Nine Week Skills


    spells simple words-cvc

    draws, dictates, or writes an informative piece including a topic and information about the topic

    tells (produces) the long sound of the five major vowels 

    reads grade-level text with purpose and understanding



    tells which group is greater than, less than or equal to another group of objects up to ten

    counts to 100

    tells how many objects are in a set up to 20

    subtracts fluently within 5

    solves addition/subtraction word problems up to 10 using objects or drawings

    finds the missing number in addition problems to equal 10

    shows that numbers 11-19 are made of tens and ones

    builds a number to 10 in many different ways



    Third Nine Week Skills


    segments (separates) syllables in spoken words

    spells simple words phonetically

    tells middle sounds in three phoneme words (CVC) example-say hit student responds by saying or writing i

    adds or substitutes individual sounds to make new words example-word families-at  bat   cat   mat

    identifies the main topic of an informational text

    retells key details of an informational text

    draws, dictates, or writes to tell about a single event or several linked events

    describes people, places, things, and events that are familiar

    capitalizes the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I

    recognizes and names end punctuation  .   ?   !

    writes a letter or letters for most consonant and short vowel sounds


    counts to 75

    tells how many objects are in a set up to 15

    uses terms of measurement (longer/shorter, heavier/lighter, bigger/smaller, etc.)

    names 3D solid shapes (cone, cylinder, cube, sphere)

    adds fluently within 5

    solves addition number sentences within 10


     Second Nine Week Skills


    retells familiar stories with important (key) details

    identifies the setting in a story

    recognizes and produces (locates, hears, and says) rhyming words

    counts syllables in spoken words

    blends (puts together) syllables in spoken words

    spells simple words (CVC) phonetically

    tells the ending sound in CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words

    tells (produces) the short sound of five major vowels

    draws, dictates, or writes to express opinion in writing (likes, dislikes)

    names opposites (antonyms)

    recognizes uppercase and lowercase letters

    tells (produces) consonant sounds


    counts by tens to 100

    counts to 50

    identifies numbers 1-25

    writes numbers 1-20

    tells how many objects are in a set up to 10

    sorts and classifies objects in various ways 


    First Nine Week Skills that will be assessed on report cards.


    identifies characters in a story

    tells the role (job) of an author and illustrator in telling a story/nonfiction book

    actively participates in group reading activities with purpose and understanding

    follows words from left to right, top to bottom, and page to page

    counts the number of words and spaces in print

    tells the beginning sounds in three-phoneme words (cvc)

    reads common high frequncy words by sight (introduced during specific nine week period)

    identifies front cover, back cover, and title page in information text/literature

    shares thoughts, feelings, and ideas in clear and complete sentences so that others can understand what is said


    counts to 25

    tells how many objects are in a set up to 5

    sorts and classifies objects in many differenct ways-by color, size, shape, etc.

    names 2d flat shapes-rectangle, square, circle, triangle, hexagon

    uses position words-over/under, above/below, inside/outside, etc.


    Ongoing Skills that we will work on throughout the year

    • Book/Story Elements

      • Identify the title, title page, front cover, author, illustrator, setting and characters of a story or book

    •  Opinion writing pieces- Ex. “I like…. because….”



    Be Safe!

    Be Respectful!

    Be Responsible!


       News from the Office

    Please remember transportation changes must be made BEFORE 12:00.  No exceptions.  If there is a change in your child’s transportation, you must send written notice (email or FAX) to Mrs. Junkin before noon.  You may also send a note with your child in their Red folder.


    If you need to come inside the building in the morning time, please use the parking lot at the storm shelter.  Thank you!