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    Our students will need a mask upon entering and exiting the building. Lanyards may be a good idea to keep up with their masks during the day.

    You may want to make sure that your child has a water bottle daily.  We cannot use the water fountains to get water throughout the day, so having a fresh water bottle is important. Every student will be issued a purple water bottle from HCC.


    From page 72 in the CSD Handbook, it states, "Students who bring lunches from home will only be allowed to purchase milk, milk-based ice cream, and bottled water. All food items brought into the cafeteria from home should be in nondescript packaging such as clear bags and containers, and plastic or Styrofoam cups." This means, if you purchase food from a restaurant, you must change the packaging. 
    We do NOT prepare, warm, or cook meals for students. The cafeteria prepares lunch daily. Except in unusual circumstances, students should bring a lunch from home with them to school (rather than have one delivered)  if they do not want to eat the lunch provided by the cafeteria. 

    Please feel free to contact me at nwilliams@cleveland.k12.ms.us. 


    The username and password for iReady is their msis #(your child's state id starting with 00) 

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