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Bachelor of Music Education Delta State University Masters of Educational Leadership Mississippi University for Women

Mrs. Kelli Wallace



This new normal is anything but normal. Everything has changed and we are teaching and learning in ways never before imagined. And through it all, you and your child are navigating the world of music. New beginnings are exciting, but the shine can wear off fast when your child hears their least favorite word:


Listen, few people actually like to practice — it’s like musical homework! And what kid likes homework?

I know that practicing can be a fight that you don’t want or need — especially right now. It’s not so much what they practice, but that they practice, even if it is for just 10 minutes. Routine matters now more than ever.

In your role as a parent, you can make a big difference when it comes to practicing. You don’t have to know anything about their instrument or about music. Helping your child set aside a regular, dedicated time for practice over these initial months can have a dramatic effect on their trajectory as a musician!

What does regular practice look like? For a beginner, shorter, frequent sessions are better. It takes time to develop the ability to practice in a focused, sustained manner. Set a schedule and try and stick to it so they develop a routine. As they work through their materials, prompt them with, “That was great. Can I hear that again?” Or, “Awesome! You should play that for your brother/sister/parent.” You will trick them into practicing without them even knowing it! Sneaky? Yes! But it works!

The key to guided practice is a consistent schedule and repetition. If you can get them to sit down regularly and play things multiple times, the improvement will be significant! Please know that you are a crucial part of setting up your child for success in music, and I’m here to help you. If you have questions or struggles, please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you for reading — and thank you for all that you are doing to support your child during this unusual time!



Kelli Wallace



 About Me....

I graduated from South Panola High School in Batesville, MS.  Completed my Bachelors of Music Education at Delta State University in 1999, and began my career at Tupelo High School as an assistant to the Tupelo High School Band and also taught my own Freshman Marching Band.  I then married and moved to Columbus, MS where I taught with my husband at CHS and Lee Middle School. We had Bela (now 15) and he passed away before she turned one.  The following year I began teaching at Heritage Academy and attended the Mississippi University for Women and earned my Masters of Educational Leadership.  In 2011, I moved here to be the assistant band director for 4 years, then took over as head director of the Cleveland High School Band, now Cleveland Central. This year I have stepped down and will be teaching elementary band at Parks, CCMS, Hayes Cooper, and assisting the CCHS band in my 22nd year in education.