• The Cleveland School District 1:1 initiative is a project which allows students in Kindergarten through third grade the use of an iPad to enhance classroom instruction.  In keeping with our district mission statement:

    To Enhance and Empower all students to Excel ,

    a committee was chosen to determine what options were available for this purpose. After many dedicated hours of researching, the decision was made to implement iPad for teachers and students to use in the classroom. Professional development was scheduled for teachers to assist in launching this project, iPad along with cases, wall-mounted charging stations for each classroom, and a curriculum component called eSpark were purchased to begin implementation of this project.

    This is a very exciting time for Cleveland School District as we look forward to providing students with personalized learning and skills necessary to be college and career ready.

    Click below to see video of Cleveland 1:1 initiative come alive!

    Cleveland 1:1 (please be patient for download)