• Mission

    To provide a quality education that empowers every student to realize his/her fullest potential.


    To develop a community of lifelong learners who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and values required for productive global citizenship. 


    To focus organizational efforts and align resources to close achievement gaps and ensure all students are college or work ready.

    To create a respectful, positive, district culture that is focused on teaching and learning.

    To establish a level of trust with the community by maintaining open, honest communication and building positive relationships.

    Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and administrators and provide a professional learning system that improves the effectiveness of our educational system.

     District Values

     Growth Mindset

    Growth is a part of learning and it enhances human qualities like an intellectual skill that can be cultivated through effort. Growth mindset assists with failure; we must echo that failure does not mean you are not smart and that it takes time to learn and at times some longer than others. Adopting this mindset will have a profound effect on the way people lead their lives. With a growth mindset, it is not about pass or fails; it is about cultivating through your efforts. 

    • Stretching yourself beyond what you believed you could achieve


    • Show the same high level of interest even when the work is challenging


    • Understand that perfection is not the end result but that progression is 


    • Understand that failure is the opportunity to learn 


    • Understand that patience is needed for growth to occur


    Improves teamwork and collaboration in the workplace while improving morale, retention rates, and employee productivity. This makes work more enjoyable and people are more likely to go along with changes. People become more innovative and creative while creating powerful bonds that assist with making communication more effective and assist with welcoming diversity which improves word choice and thoughts about others that creates mutual respect.

    • People are open and honest with one another but choose words that are not demeaning


    • People do, as they say 


    • Listen to others even when their point of view is different 


    • Work together to find solutions based on the collective insight 

    Positive Culture

    Raising expectations sets a standard of what is expected, provides a safe, supporting, encouraging, inviting, and challenging environment that creates openness, positive patterns, and behaviors.

    • Provide positive experiences and healthy relationships


    • Have a shared vision and mission 


    • Celebrate successes (large and small) among members of the organization


    • Signs are posted demonstrating success


    Aid in the success of the organization making everyone responsible while reinforcing expectations that assist with accomplishing goals; saving money and time while enhancing trust. 

    • Provide clear expectations about outcomes


    • Ensure the individual has the capability to meet the expectation


    • Ensure there is a clear measurement


    • Ensure there is clear, open, honest, and ongoing feedback


    • Ensure there are clear consequences, identify milestones