• For over 100 years, the Cleveland School District has dedicated itself to enhancing our community by transforming the lives of the boys and girls we educate.
    This website provides an overview of some of the programs and services that allow us to continue our efforts to educate and empower all children to excel.
    You will find links to each of our twelve facilities, human resources, food services, special services, and health services as well as a calendar of events for the current month.

    Our State Accountability/Assessment results are posted along with general information about our students and staff members.
    It is our intent to provide a user-friendly site that will assist us in being transparent to the students, parents, and community that we serve.
    We invite you to be a significant presence in your child's school. Working together, we will assure all children have equal access to a quality education and ultimately an equal opportunity to succeed.




    Mission: To Educate and Empower all students to Excel.
    Vision: Cleveland School District’s schools will produce students who are well equipped with knowledge and skills to be successful citizens.


    1.     The Cleveland School District will recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and administrators and provide a professional development system that improves the effectiveness of our educational system.
    2.     The Cleveland School District will develop and maintain a rigorous curriculum and assessment system, reflective of the state framework and assessment system.
    3.     All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe and free from harassment and drugs and that promote respect for diversity.
    4.     The Cleveland School District will utilize technology to maximize student achievement.
    5.     The Cleveland School District will invest fiscal resources responsibly and effectively to accomplish the district’s mission.
    6.     The Cleveland School District will foster collaborative relationships with parents, community, and local businesses to ensure that each student is achieving to maximum potential.