The Cleveland School District provides a program of enrichment for intellectually gifted students. The classes are called “INSPIRE” and serve second through sixth grade students at each elementary school and the middle schools. Students at each school spend one day per week in the gifted “pull-out” enrichment program and the rest of the week in their general education classrooms. Second through sixth grade gifted students will attend INSPIRE classes at their schools.

    Mississippi Department of Education gifted regulations and state mandate require that intellectually gifted students in grades two through six be provided services by a teacher with gifted endorsement for a minimum of five hours per week.

    District Mission

    The mission of the Cleveland School District gifted program is to insure that intellectually gifted children, as defined by the Mississippi Department of Education, are offered appropriate educational experiences that are qualitatively different from those available in the regular classroom in order to provide opportunities for them to realize their abilities and potential.


    Meeting the needs of the intellectually gifted learner requires differential treatments both in curriculum and in instructional patterns of delivery.  Because the intellectually gifted learner has special needs in both cognitive and affective areas, the curriculum focuses on both these areas.  In working with both the Mississippi Department of Education's Suggested Outcomes for Intellectually Gifted; The Mississippi Gifted Education Programs Program Standards; and the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children's Recommended Curricular Elements, the INSPIRE Program will implement the following framework:


    • Analysis

    • Synthesis

    • Evaluation

    • Analogical

    • Critical

    • Decision Making

    • Inductive

    • Deductive

    • Intuitive

    • Probability/Prediction

    • Questioning

    • Global Implications


    • Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration

    • Affective

    • Problem Solving

    • Identify Relationships


    • Topic Selection

    • Questioning

    • Gathering Data

    • Goal Setting

    • Planning

    • Task Commitment

    • Technology

    • Evaluation


    • Intrapersonal Skills

    • Interpersonal Skills


    • Listening Skills

    • Writing Effectively

    • Propaganda Technique

    • Verbal Skills


    • Understanding Need

    • Evaluating Skills/Styles

    • Effective Use of Leadership Skills


    • Exposed to/experiment with

    • Individually selected art forms (visual arts)

    • Analyze using elements of art

    • Apply elements of art

    • Introduced to variety

    • Individually selected art forms (performing arts)

    • Analyze for improvement


    • Exposed to variety of career opportunities


    • Self-awareness

    • Self-identity

    • Self-acceptance



    Gifted Education Specialist and Schools Served

    Amy Chudy  achudy@cleveland.k12.ms.us   Pearman Elementary & B.L. Bell Academy

    Allyson Hardy  achardy@cleveland.k12.ms.us    Hayes Cooper Center

    Paulette Howze  phowze@cleveland.k12.ms.us    B.L. Bell Academy 

    Pamela Maxwell pmaxwell@cleveland.k12.ms.us   H.M. Nailor Elementary & D.M. Smith Elementary

    Amy Plummer amy.plummer@cleveland.k12.ms.us   Parks Elementary & Hayes Cooper Center

    Sarah Williford swilliford@cleveland.k12.ms.us Hayes Cooper Center


      For more information about Cleveland School District Gifted Program, contact the

    Gifted Coordinator Paulette Howze at: phowze@cleveland.k12.ms.us or

    Lead Teacher Amy Chudy at: achudy@cleveland.k12.ms.us


    INSPIRE Policies and Procedures