Mr. Wilder

Phone: 662-836-7544


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science/Information Systems Masters Degree in Elementary Education

Mr. Wilder

Hello!!!! I am Coach Wilder and welcome to Cleveland Central Smith Middle School 8th Grade Science

I have been teaching 8th grade science in the Cleveland School district for 12 years.  I have Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education.

We will be learning about the world around us and identifying how science applies to our everyday lives.  I have many activities planned for us this school year. My philosophy has always been to inspire learning through exciting inquiry lessons and cooperative learnign groups. In addition to our classwork, we will be conducting many experiments throughout the year.

 Fundamental Goals There is so much to the vast area of science, from the microscopic workings of cells to the mysterious places in deep space within our astonishing universe. As a model and guide we will follow the Mississippi Science Curriculum Framework, Kirkland Pacing Guide and Grade Level Descriptors which requires examinations covering life science, physical science, as well as Earth and space science. The class textbook does a fine job covering all areas required under the framework; however, supplemental materials will be included in weekly lessons throughout the year per my discretion.

My goal as a classroom instructor is to see to it that each child is exposed to required curriculum as well as constructing a productive, healthy, and energetic classroom environment. It is each student's responsibility to do nothing to keep me from teaching, to do nothing to keep them from learning, or to do nothing to keep others from learning. I they can follow those simple rules; we will have a perfect school year.