• Anna Bennett

    Colleges Attended: Mississippi Delta Community College & Delta State University

    Degrees: AA in English, BSE in Elementary Education, MEd in Elementary Education & EDS in Administration

    Job at Parks: 6th Grade Teacher (Science & Social Studies)

    Years of Teaching: 7

    Years at Parks: 4

    Favorite Books: and of the Harry Potter books

    Hobbies: painting, reading, singing, fishing & hunting





    Alisa Lewis

    College Attended: Delta State University

    Degrees: Bachelor's & Master's in Elementary Education

    Job at Parks: 6th Grade Teacher (Reading & Language)

    Years of Teaching: 12

    Years at Parks: 5

    Favorite Book: Hatseller & The Monkeys

    Hobbies: reading, singing & praising God





    Horace McKay

    College Attended: Mississippi College & University of Mississippi

    Degrees: B.A. in Education & M. Ed. in Education

    Job at Parks: 6th Grade Math & Science Teacher

    Years of Teaching: 24

    Years at Parks: 1

    Favorite Book: The Canaan/Jericho Experiences

    Hobbies: reading, traveling & attending football games