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CCHS/DSU Partnership (click to read)

This interactive activity partnership field experience between DSU and CCHS served to explore and understand community. A significant issue for students in the Mississippi Delta, particularly African American students, is a lack of exposure to other communities and a lack of connection to the larger issues that have impacted their histories and continue to impact their futures.  The project took a combined group of community members, particularly Delta State University secondary education students and Cleveland Central High School (CCHS) students, to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. The goal is to: 1. Build a sense of community between CCHS and DSU; 2. Foster a greater understanding of the Civil Rights movement; 3. Specifically target and provide an improved quality of education for African American males from the Mississippi Delta through exposure to and connection with other communities. This community building and racial healing project specifically seeks to build constructivist spaces that heal and close the racial divide.

 This project is supported by Delta State University College of Education and College of Liberal Arts faculty, the Cleveland School District Superintendent, the Principal of Cleveland Central High School, and Ms. Stephanie Thomas, a 12th grade social studies teacher at CCHS.  The participants will include a mixed group of 12th grade US History students and their instructor from the newly formed, integrated high school and a mixed group of Delta State University students (particularly geared toward secondary education majors in the humanities), faculty (geared toward humanities education) and staff. CCHS students will be paired with a DSU education student to facilitate community and a connection to Delta State University, thereby increasing exposure to post-secondary opportunities and to provide practical experience to DSU students studying to become future educators.