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Varsity Tutors

Accessing Varsity Tutors For Schools

S T E P 1 :Students will Sign in to Clever.

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  • Sign in to your Clever dashboard
  • Click the Varsity Tutors application

S T E P 2 : G e t t i n g  t o  y o u r  s e s s i o n

  •  You will be automatically directed to your tutoring session from the Clever app.
  • Click the arrow to meet your tutor in the Live Learning Platform.
  • If you are not immediately directed to your session, select Schedule from the tutoringdrop down menu then choose the session you want to join.

S t e p 3 : L i v e  L e a r n i n g P l a t f o r m

  • Your tutor will be waiting for you in the virtual classroom.
  •  You will be able to see and talk to your tutor on the left hand side while working in the whiteboard together.
  •  Your tutor will guide you through problems, share examples and help you within the collaborative whiteboard for an interactive learning experience.


Introduction Video